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4 benefits of on-site technicians [Infographic]

by Charlie Buelow | Wed, Oct 31, 2018

When equipment breaks down in your facility, it needs to be addressed promptly. Lacking just one asset can hold up productivity, costing a company revenue and creating a chaotic work environment.

Easy access to a facilities maintenance technician is critical to tending to equipment malfunctions quickly. There are two options for this:

  • Work with an off-site service company, which will dispatch a technician as needed.
  • Work with an on-site service company, which will assign an embedded technician to your site.

Both are helpful options, but on-site facilities technicians provide unparalleled benefits. These professionals can identify challenges immediately and will have a greater understanding of events that led to equipment downtime.

Review our infographic to see more of the benefits of on-site technicians through National Maintenance Services.

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