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4 Reasons to Convert from Propane to Electric Forklifts

There was a major wave of electric conversion for forklifts beginning in the 2000s. A second phase of conversion is arriving. Propane is going away.

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7 Tips to Improve Safety and Environmental Practices at Your Plant

Remember pop quizzes? I’m not your fifth-grade teacher, but I’ve got a one-question version for you. What can be the...

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Ventilation is key for safe forklift operation

Forklifts come in many shapes, sizes and models. But if there's one thing every forklift has in common, it's a need for...

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Essentials for your forklift battery charging and changing stations

Electric forklifts can reduce the presence of carbon monoxide and lower noise levels in work areas, but one of the...

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Should I replace my forklift forks?

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration requires all forklift drivers to

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Fire protection features every warehouse should have

Every company should consider fire protection one of its top priorities. Fires occur in warehouses, industrial...

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Key considerations for safe battery and charger handling

Electric forklifts can improve a warehouse's operations by reducing carbon emissions and lowering noise in the...

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Warehouse design elements that benefit forklift safety

Understanding the safe use of a forklift is a non-negotiable prerequisite for lift truck operation. There are thousands...

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5 most important safety devices on a forklift

As essential as they are to most material handling operations, forklifts can pose great danger to employees.

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How to choose the right tires for your forklift

When forklift tires begin to wear down, they should be replaced as soon as possible to reduce the risk of accidents and...

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