6 Critical Questions to Ask When Looking for a Motive Power Provider

by Ryan Lynch | Tue, Feb 17, 2015

Finding a motive power provider can be a daunting task. It may be time to consider a change if agreements are about to expire or your equipment is failing, yet knowing where to start can oftentimes be the hardest part. An operations manager can spend countless hours researching and vetting different providers. That's why we're going to provide you with some simple things to consider today, just to get you going. Here are a few questions to be asking yourself as you start your search:

Are They Industry Experts?

The first objective in your hunt should be to identify the most experienced motive power providers in the industry. Keep in mind you should look for providers who offer specific expertise for your operation. For example, do they take the time to understand your application and know how to apply the correct technology?

Are They Fiscally Stable?

One of the worst things that can happen after digging in with a provider is for them to go under shortly thereafter. Then you have to go right back to square one. Don't be afraid to ask about the company's financial health, or to do some snooping on your own.

Do They Use the Best Brands?

If a provider uses inferior brands, that's one way to weed them out immediately. If they're not using top-of-the-line batteries and chargers, you know to hit the bricks before conversations get even remotely serious.

Do They Offer Flexible Service Plans?

This is an instance where your company's specific needs come into play. Do you need a comprehensive provider who handles everything from A to Z? Or do you want equipment installed,  and then manage it yourself? If you want options, seek out providers who offer them.

Are They Innovative?

With a motive power provider, innovation can come in many forms, such as proprietary equipment or remote management software. Typically you can tell right away who's a leader, who's a follower, and who does things the same old way, no matter what. A strong provider is always delivering cutting-edge solutions.

Are They Committed to Lowering Operating Costs?

While there will certainly be a cost associated with securing a new provider, they should still be looking to help you with fleet efficiency. Are they offering you equipment? Or are they offering you the lowest possible cost of ownership? There's a difference.

Happy Motive Power Provider Hunting

Once you've narrowed your choices down, you'll still have to dig deeper to get to know the actual people behind the provider, as well as their customer service standards and company philosophy. Making an ultimate decision should take a substantial amount of time if you're proceeding methodically. Still, you have to take that first step. Hopefully this gives you a handle on what you should be looking for initially, and at the very minimum gives you a place to start.


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