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3 Ways to Reduce Your Long-term Motive Power Costs

Many business owners and operations managers struggle to reduce motive power costs. Often, they undergo paralysis by analysis; they know they're not...

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Warning Signs of a Bad Industrial Site Assessment

 For many companies, calling in a motive power management company to perform an industrial site assessment is a big...

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Six Ways to Prepare for Power Failure

The critical nature of water gave birth to the Old West saying of “You don’t miss your water ‘til the well runs dry.”...

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The Industry's Best Motive Power Systems

There are a variety of ways to design a battery system. The best one is always going to offer a measurement component,...

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How to Increase Forklift Battery Life

For businesses reliant on material handling vehicles, forklifts represent a significant investment. However, the...

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5 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Industrial Battery System

Unfortunately, batteries are not immortal. They have a finite life, and only through proper maintenance can you get the...

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3 Essential Steps for Forklift Fleet Expansion

Expanding your motive power fleet is a big undertaking. Often, customers have made the decision to expand before...

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Three Key Requirements for Making a Forklift Buying Decision

A forklift buying decision is a big one for any operation. While a variety of factors play into what makes for the...

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Concentric's CIO to Speak at the North Carolina Emerging Tech Trends Panel

The phenomenon of plugging batteries and other “things” into the internet continues to gain steam. The cool kids have...

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Standard Battery Charging vs. Opportunity Battery Charging

As with most technologies, the only constant is change. As soon as your business falls into a rhythm, new innovations...

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