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What Your Facility Can Really Do With a CMMS [Infographic]

by Charlie Buelow | Mon, Oct 29, 2018

A computerized maintenance management system, often simply called a CMMS, can do a lot for a business that knows how to use it. A CMMS can track critical information, such as:

  • When parts inventories are low.
  • How frequently certain assets are repaired.
  • Spare parts order progress.
  • Downtime records.
  • Labor histories.

With valuable information like this, facility managers can make informed decisions about when to repair or replace assets. But collecting and organizing this data isn't enough to gain significant value from a CMMS. Someone at your facility must be able to analyze and interpret the information, then make decisions based on their conclusions.

That's where National Maintenance Services can help. When we assign an embedded technician to your facility, that person will oversee the CMMS and make valuable decisions based on collected data.

Check out our infographic to learn more about how a CMMS and NMS together can benefit your facility.

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