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Warehouse design elements that benefit forklift safety

Understanding the safe use of a forklift is a non-negotiable prerequisite for lift truck operation. There are thousands of forklift accidents that...

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5 most important safety devices on a forklift

As essential as they are to most material handling operations, forklifts can pose great danger to employees.

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How to choose the right tires for your forklift

When forklift tires begin to wear down, they should be replaced as soon as possible to reduce the risk of accidents and...

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Support pedestrian safety in your facility with these features

Before facility employees can climb into the driver's seat of a forklift, they must go through a forklift training...

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Must-know powered industrial truck safety points

Forklifts are an integral part of warehouses, distribution centers and many other facilities, but staying safe while...

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Loading dock safety tips to consider for your facility

While the loading dock is perhaps the most critical point of any facility, it's also the most dangerous one. Between...

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Forklift safety mistakes and how to avoid them

Forklift operators understand the importance of safety when using a lift truck. They also know how to inspect their...

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2 signs your forklift needs maintenance

Every forklift driver's shift begins the same way: with a thorough inspection of the vehicle. Before turning on the...

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3 ways to modernize your loading dock

The supply chain is always evolving. Advancements in technology have changed the way items are bought, sold, stored and...

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Do you know these 4 forklift safety rules?

Across the U.S. nearly 1 million forklifts are used to transport materials every day, load trucks and keep the supply...

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