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Lower costs while simultaneously delivering productivity, speed and quality improvements to you forklift and critical power business.

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Finding a Critical Power Provider that Fits

Maintaining critical power takes a great deal of time, attention, and engineering expertise. When one misstep can cost a company dearly in terms of...

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Concentric, LLC, an OnPoint Group Company, Acquires All Battery Sales and Service

Editors note: This article originally appeared on DC Velocity. Acquisition extends Concentric’s footprint with coast to...

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Essentials for Your Forklift Charging Station

Your forklift fleet is the engine that makes your material handling operations go. But what, in turn, is powering those...

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8 Questions to Help Your Material Handling Survive an Unpredictable Holiday Season

Struggling with supply chain delays? You’re not alone. Industries of every stripe are facing sourcing disruptions and...

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ConcentricCare: A Path to Zero Material Handling Downtime

Downtime is a four-letter word in material handling. Yet without a consistent and comprehensive approach to forklift...

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The Concentric Story: How A Second Mortgage Transformed the Forklift Power Industry

It might seem extreme to claim that, if it wasn’t for a second mortgage, the forklift power industry would operate the...

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Optimize Utility, Industrial, and Data Center Operations With The Right Industrial Battery Charger

When the power goes out at your utility or industrial facility, what's your backup plan? How recently have you thought...

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Extend Forklift Battery Life With an Effective Battery Watering System

How optimized is your business's use of forklifts in its material handling operations? Are you using every available...

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Find the Ideal Forklift Battery Charger Solution for Your Facility

In terms of pace and efficiency, your logistics and material handling operations depend on the performance of your...

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Data Center Power: A User’s Guide to Soft and Hard Costs

Data centers can’t afford to go dark. That’s why reliable critical power systems are central to their operation....

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